Did you know that Weisser Glass Studio offers more than just tools, supplies, and classes?

Some of the other services we offer:


We offer private lessons, consultations, and instruction for both individuals and groups. An excellent choice for those who have difficulty fitting our regular workshops into their schedules, or for those who desire more one-on-one attention than a studio class can provide.

We also provide rental options for our studio benches and equipment for those who need a place to work or who wish to take advantage of our coldworking equipment.


Laser printer decals are a quick and easy way of transferring images like photographs, drawings, and text onto glass. Decals are an excellent way to personalize your fused glass work, and customize fused glass pieces for your friends, family, and customers. Ink jet printers DO NOT work for this process, however Weisser Glass has provided printing services that have proven effective for this product for years.