Fusing Tools & Supplies

Some of the tools you’ll find in stock at Weisser Glass Studio:
A selection of small kilns- manual and digitally controlled
Glass cutters by Toyo - assorted
Glass cutters by Fletcher Terry - assorted
Replacement cutter heads, Toyo and Fletcher
Strip Circle cutters by Inland, Fletcher, Glastar
Breaking Pliers by Knipex, Fan Out, Inland
Running Pliers by Leponitt, Inland
Assorted Glass Grinders by Glastar, Inland and DiamondTech- including disc grinder
Assorted glass grinder accessories
Assorted grinding heads by Glastar, Inland, Mika
Taurus Ring Saw
Ringsaw accessory kits and parts
Glass engraver and tips by Inland
A huge assortment of slumping molds and forms.
Ready made casting molds from Colour de Verre and more
Kiln shelves
Kiln posts
Haik brushes
Kiln wash by Hotline, Bullseye
Fire brick
Jewelers pliers and flushcutters for jewelry wrapping

Some of the supplies you’ll find in stock at Weisser Glass Studio:
High temperature wire- thin and thick
Kiln wash from Bullseye, Hotline
Thin fire paper for kiln shelves
Thin and thick ceramic papers
Fiber blanket and board
Gold and platinum luster paints and accessories
Fusers’ glues and fire- on glazes by Hotline, Fusemaster, Thompson
Fiber mold hardener
A variety of fire- on paints including Satellite, Fusemaster, Reusche, Glassline, Ferro and Thompson
Water friendly medium
Gold leaf
Silver leaf and foil
Mica Powder
Enamels for painting and sifting
Sterling and gold- filled wire for jewelry
Fine silver wire for fusing
An assortment of jewelry findings
A large assortment of display stands

Some of the glass for fusing you’ll find in stock at Weisser Glass Studio:
The entire line of fusible glass by Bullseye, in both standard and thin.
Frits in fine, medium, coarse and powder
Sale fusible
Scrap bags of fusible
Bullseye fusible rods
Bullseye stringers, 1mm. and 2mm.
A huge variety of fusible dichroic
glass: black- backed and clear- backed,
in an assortment of sizes.
Dichroic Firestix: Squiggles, spirals, dragonflies and butterflies.
Dichroic cut-outs
Wasser Glass including metallics
90 C.O.E. dichroic sizzle stix- narrow and wide
90 C.O.E. dichroic stringers- black backed and clear backed
Dichro Magic 90 C.O.E. dichroic sampler boxes