Beadmaking and Jewelry Tools & Supplies

Some of the tools you’ll find in stock at Weisser Glass Studio:
Basic and Deluxe Beadmaking Kits - a great way to get started!
Hot Head torch heads
Mille marvers and graphite paddles
Grooved marvers
Mini flattening pliers
Mosaic nipper (for cutting rods)
Bead rakes
Bead core scraper sets
Leaf forming and texturing pliers
Steel mandrels- small, medium, and large, in packs of a dozen
Fiber blanket

Some of the supplies you’ll find in stock at Weisser Glass Studio:
A large selection of Moretti rods, including opalino,filigrano, and some dichroic
Cut millefiori in one ounce and eight ounce packages
Millefiori rods
Gold leaf
Silver leaf and foil
Mica powder
Mapp gas
Bead separator
Dip n’ Etch etching liquid
Gel Resist for etching liquid