Weisser Glass offers a terrific schedule of classes for beginner through professional levels. Courses are offered in stained glass, fusing and kiln forming, beadmaking, glass jewelry, paperweights, glass casting & mosaic. Our goal is to offer the highest quality of instruction in a friendly and helpful environment! New class schedules are posted about every two months.


All classes require pre-registration and payment to reserve your space.
You may register by phone at 301-571-8966


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Working Deep - Cast Glass Blocks

1½- day workshop. Tuition $395.00; includes all materials needed to create a 5" x 7" x 1 1/2" or 6" x 6" x 1 1/2" block.
Previous fusing experience recommended.

Working in thick fused stacks of glass creates many unique opportunities to create a feeling of space in a finished piece. You will learn all about creating visual depth and how to use the placement of color imagery on multiple layers within the fused piece to maximize viewing impact. Students will build on their experience with fusing and will have a wide variety of sheet glass, frits, stringers and paints to work with. Learn how to use dams and stacking techniques to create a finished piece straight from the kiln, without the need to do extensive coldworking. Firing and annealing of deep blocks will be covered as well.

Saturday, October 21, 9:30- 4:30 & Sunday, October 22, 10- 12:30





Flow Factor
Master Class with Nancy Weisser

4- day workshop. Tuition $895.00; includes materials and use of tools.

In this class you learn ways to capture the magic and movement of fluid glass into the solid glass form. Moving beyond controlled linear patterns students will explore special effects that can be achieved inside the kiln using heat and gravity to produce remarkable visual outcomes.  Students learn strategies for capturing the organic movement of glass and methods of forming elements to create interesting design. Students also learn how to recycle discarded and unwanted projects and sample tiles into usable components for flow work. Also covered are methods for constructing containment systems for various shapes, and how to calculate how much glass is needed to fill those spaces. Firing schedules will be thoroughly covered and finishing options are also demonstrated in class and students will have the option to practice these techniques.

Nancy Weisser has been working in the field of glass since the early '80s. She owns and operates Weisser Glass Studio in Kensington Maryland where she teaches a wide range of classes in the area of kiln formed glass.  She is known for her innovative artworks including installations.

Thursday, October 26- Sunday, October 29
Thursday- Saturday, 9:30-4:30 each day, Sunday, 10-3






Powder Plus H20

2½- day workshop. Tuition $465.00; includes all materials and use of tools during class.

In this class, we will explore two special effects that can be achieved in your fused glass by combining powder and water.  Learn to manipulate, move and form the glass in ways that cannot be achieved with dry powder alone. Students will learn methods and varieties of creating crackle patterns and learn how to work with glass slurrie for painterly and fluid effects in glass. Students will create sample tiles and two finished projects in class.

Friday, November 3- Sunday, November 5

Friday and Saturday, 10- 4:30 and Sunday 10-12:30





Dream Garden
Master Class with Nancy Weisser

Tuition $1,095.00; includes materials, use of tools and equipment, etc.

For the first time, Nancy will reveal her process of creating fantastical gardens and imaginary underwater scenes. This will be a multi-step and multi-element process that will include many techniques and use of various vitreous materials. Glass forming techniques taught will include: vitrograph, working over a torch, making frit from the kiln, crafting part sheets, and other methods for generating a variety of visual effects with frits, powders and dry enamels. Students will be asked to create from their imagination, learning to trust their own instincts and rely on information that already exists in the mind. Emphasis will be placed on creating spontaneously and improvising while exploring design, color and layering steps. This class is ideal for students that are open to the creative process, interested in learning new forming methods and constructing a progressive piece of art that represents their individual style. Finishing and presentation options will be covered as well. Each student will create two finished artworks, a flora dream garden and an underwater dream garden.

Wednesday, November 8- Sunday, November 12
Wednesday- Saturday, 10-5 each day, Sunday 10-3






Stained Glass- Beyond Beginner

Four 2-hour classes. Tuition $125.00; tools and supplies extra. Previous stained glass experience required.

This class has an open curriculum allowing students to continue their exploration into stained glass under the supervision and guidance of an experienced instructor. Students might select a new project like a lamp, box, panel, or bring a project in progress. This class is a great way to learn new techniques, get a refresher, have your questions answered, or get help with more advanced projects. We can provide the instruction and extra motivation you need to get that project done!

Thursday evenings, 7-9, November 16, 30, December 7, 14





Stained Glass Weekend: Copper Foil

1½- day workshop. Tuition $275.00 includes use of tools and some supplies. Students purchase glass and framing metal.

The copper foil stained glass technique was originally devised by Louis Comfort Tiffany to be used for his intricate designs. Unlike the more traditional lead came method, the foil technique allows for more detailed patterns, as well as construction of three-dimensional objects like lampshades and boxes. In our weekend crash course, students will learn the art of the copper foil stained-glass technique; we use the same curriculum as our seven-week course condensed into a day and a half. Students do not need to purchase any tools, so it’s an excellent way to try your hand at the medium without having to invest in all the equipment. Each student will complete a copper foil panel approximately 9” x 12”.

Saturday, November 18, 9:30-4:30 & Sunday, November 19, 9:30-1





Blown Ornaments

2- hour workshop. Tuition $99.00
No experience necessary! Appropriate for ages 16 and up.

Learn to make small blown glass ornaments with a Hot Head torch- create unique holiday gifts and surprise your family and friends! Starting with Glaskolben pre-made glass tubes you’ll learn the tips and tricks for blowing these ornaments over a torch and how to embellish them with color. Each student will have the opportunity to make up to six blown Glaskolben ornaments! (additional may be made, time permitting, for an extra fee)


Friday, November 24, 10-12
Saturday, November 25, 9:30-11:30





Project Plate Making: Strip Cut Construction

One 3½-hour workshop. Tuition $145.00; includes all materials and use of tools during class.

In this class, you will create a fused and slumped dish using the strip cut method of construction. You will learn how to design and fuse using strips of glass on edge, crafting beautiful bubble-free projects featuring crisp linear designs in your glass. Methods for cutting strips, how to fire, and various applications for strip cut construction will be demonstrated and discussed. The pieces pictured above are plates made by students in our last session.

Saturday, November 25, 1- 4:30







Intro to Wearable Art: Fused Glass Jewelry

Two half-day sessions. Tuition $195.00; includes materials and use of tools.  NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY!

Discover the creative possibilities of fused glass for pendants! Students will create their own handmade fused elements, and learn to use assorted coldworking techniques to finish their pieces and create beautiful finished pieces of jewelry! Each student will leave class with a few finished pendants, and the skills to produce many more.

Thursday, November 30, & Friday, December 1,
12- 3 each day






Powdered Pet Portrait

3-hour workshop. Tuition $99.00; includes supplies and frame.

Create a black and white portrait of a favorite pet or other animal using fusible glass powder! A great introduction to fusing or working with powders, these creations also make amazing gifts for the animal lover in your life. Drawing experience is not required: we will give you tips, guidelines and techniques to assist you in creating realistic portraits. No previous glass experience is required, and all you need to bring is an 8”x8” black and white photo of your favorite pet!

Saturday, December 2, 9:30-12:30





Mastering the Art of Cutting Glass- Pattern Cuts

2½-hour workshop. Tuition $99.00. Appropriate for all levels, beginner to advanced.

The key to success in any of the glass art forms is good cutting; people are often intimidated by detailed glass cutting challenges, but it’s all a matter of the proper techniques and tools. We’ll teach you to do it well! This comprehensive cutting lesson will cover both simple and more difficult shapes. Learn to cut with ease and confidence; guaranteed to improve your cutting no matter your skill level. An excellent starter class for students with no cutting experience, and a valuable refresher for the more experienced glass artist. Bring any challenges you may have!

Saturday, December 2, 2- 4:30





Soldering Workshop

2½-hour class. Tuition $99.00. Students should bring their own soldering iron and some foil-wrapped pieces of glass to practice on.

Soldering is often the hardest part of the copper foil process for artists to master. Problems commonly encountered include poor solder flow, uneven and streaky solder beads, and difficulty getting the proper amount of solder onto the foil for a professional look. The good news is that all these issues can be overcome with the use of proper tools and technique! We’ll cover the tips and tricks to making a smoother bead for a better- looking finish. Students will also learn how to manipulate the solder to create assorted decorative patterns to embellish projects. Guaranteed to improve the look of your solder line!

Sunday, December 3, 10-12:30





Holiday Stained Glass Ornaments

2½-hour class. Tuition $69.00; includes materials and use of tools. NO PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE REQUIRED!

Learn to make quick and easy stained-glass ornaments that will brighten up any holiday decor! They make fantastic gifts and stocking stuffers (Need something for people at the office...?) No glass experience is necessary; students will learn the basics of glass cutting, lead caming, and soldering. it's a great way to try your hand at the art, and the techniques you'll learn can be applied to ornaments for any occasion! Each student will create two hanging ornaments.

Sunday, December 3, 2-4:30






Beveled Snowflakes

3-hour workshop. Tuition $99.00; includes some supplies, students purchase bevels. All levels welcome, no experience required.

The perfect little project when wintery weather is upon us! Learn to build beautiful, sparkling stained glass snowflakes using pre-cut bevels (they also make fantastic gifts and stocking stuffers)! Beveled snowflakes catch the light, are quick to build, and will add a little brightness to your day.  Many different designs can be achieved using readily available, standard sizes of bevels. Foiling tips and tricks, soldering, and wire reinforcement are taught.

Saturday, December 9, 9:30- 12:30





Holiday Create ‘n’ Bake

For creatives of all ages (under 12 must be accompanied by parent).
Pre-registration and a $10.00 per person deposit are required to hold your space.

Create beautiful holiday gifts and decorations at our popular drop-in creative sessions! Choose from multiple fusing projects; prices start at just $10.00.  We provide you with everything you need to create!  An ideal way to spend time with friends and family or just a great way to enjoy some quality hassle-free time in the studio being creative. Join us at ANY TIME during the session; you are not required to be here the entire time. Build as many as you like*! Please contact shop for project pricing details. Projects will require pickup on a later date.  Pre-registration and a $10.00 per person deposit are required to hold your space in class. *Fees based on projects, see store for additional details.

Saturday, December 9, 2- 4:30





Project Plate Making: Dancing Squares

2½-hour workshop. Tuition $110.00; includes all materials and use of tools.

A great way to try your hand at fused glass, show family and friends how much fun glass art can be, or just a fun way to spend an afternoon with friends! Learn about the art of glass fusing while selecting from a wide range of color combinations to create your own custom Dancing Squares plate! Students will receive instruction, glass and other materials required to create their project; no need to purchase tools or materials. No previous experience is required- an excellent intro to the art of fusing!

Saturday, December 16, 10- 12:30




2018 CLASS PREVIEW! More coming soon...



Creating Hot-Worked Cane and Murrine with Gayla Lee

Two-day workshop. Tuition $425.00, includes supplies and use of tools during class. No previous experience required.

Learn to make glass murrine (pattern) bars and stretch them out with glassblowing techniques modified for the kiln forming studio. Students will learn several set-ups for both cane and murrine and try different methods of stretching, twisting, folding, and pulling the glass to create a variety of effects and patterns. All parts will be made with Bullseye 90 COE glass and can be used in fused glass projects.  Class will focus on making the glass murrine, not producing finished work.

Saturday, February 17 & Sunday, February 18, 10-4 each day





Glass Paperweights     NEW DATES!

Two-day workshop. Tuition $425.00, includes supplies and use of tools

In this exciting workshop, students will learn techniques similar to those used by glass blowers to create beautifully colored glass paperweights. Learn to gather glass on a punty from a crucible kiln, pick up color, shape and use special studio finishing techniques. Class size is limited to six students. Each student will have time to make three to four paperweights.


Thursday, February 22, & Friday, February 23, 10-4 each day
Saturday, February 24, & Sunday, February 25, 10-4 each day





Sand Mandalas in Glass with Warren Norgaard NEW EXPANDED FORMAT!

3-day workshop. Tuition $695.00; includes materials and use of tools. Students purchase mounting hardware if desired.

A deposit of $350.00 is required to secure your spot. Tuition balance of $345.00 will be due January 5, 2018.

Warren Norgaard returns to teach his immensely popular Mandala class, in an extended format! In this three-day workshop, students will learn how to use the ancient tools of Tibetan Monks to create personal mandaladesigns in glass. Design, use of both modern and traditional tools, and powder application will all be taught. Imagery selected can go beyond the mandala design with lots of potential. Students will create multiple pieces in class. Warren will also teach metal leaf application to the finished pieces, and students will have the opportunity to apply leaf, finish and mount their pieces for display. Each student will complete three mandalas.

Friday- Sunday, March 9- 11, 2018





Telling the Story in Glass: Fused Glass Sgraffito Drawing with Kelly Crosser Alge      NEW CLASS!

3-day workshop. Tuition $695.00; includes materials and use of tools. Previous drawing or glass experience is not required, but an open mind and some fusing knowledge is helpful.

A deposit of $350.00 is required to secure your spot. Tuition balance of $345.00 will be due January 5, 2018

This intensive workshop will teach the use of glass powders to draw two-dimensional imagery in glass. This is meant to be a ‘crossover’ course, joining elements of fine art and fine craft together. Students will explore traditional ideas of drawing and using a very non-traditional approach; using glass to interpret line, value, contrast, texture, color, movement, gesture, narrative, and composition. If you think you can’t draw, this class is for you!

In addition to learning simple ‘tricks of the trade’ and improvised technical drawing skills, students will have the freedom and individual encouragement to experiment with using glass to create drawn imagery that tell a story, evokes emotion, and expresses mood.  Other topics covered in the workshop will include: kiln-formed canes and murrine, collage part sheets for sgraffito drawing, tool making, incorporating color, reactive glass, volume control, firing schedules, and finishing. By the time students leave, they will have gained a new awareness of the visual language that is possible with kiln-formed glass, as well as confidence in their ability to “see” as an artist.

Friday- Sunday, March 23- 25, 2018


"Glass has gripped me from day one. In its many forms, glass is the one medium that has allowed me to create using combinations of art techniques I love from other media. Collage, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, painting, photography, and design... all come together with glass and heat as common ground.

“I'm a self-taught glass artist, specializing in fused glass sgraffito drawing and collage.
I studied studio art for 4 years in the BFA program at Ohio Northern University, where I focused on ceramics, figure drawing, and watercolor before leaving school to start a family. My first experiences and adventures in glass began after college in 1995. I saved money from teaching art to groups of homeschooled students and purchased a tiny kiln, and the glass experimenting bonanza began in my garage. My favorite way to work with glass is a method I call ‘glass powder sgraffito drawing’. You can read more about my work and the technique I use in this recent article: Making Art From Scratch"





Knitted Glass: Lost Wax Casting with Carol Milne    NEW EXPANDED FORMAT!

Carol Milne returns with an extended 5-day workshop to share her innovative technique for creating knitted glass sculptures. Along with teaching her knitted glass methods Carol will also teach students how to cast hands!

Tuition $1,095.00; includes a supply fee for wax, investment mold materials and clear glass for four sculptures. Students wishing to complete additional castings will be charged an extra material fee of $75.00 each. Colored glass can be purchased for a fee.

Deposit of $550.00 is collected to reserve your space in class. The balance of $545.00 will be due February 1, 2018.

Carol takes lost wax casting in a new direction with her knitted glass sculptures. Students will learn how to work with wax strands and learn Carol's methods of knitting while making individual objects to cast. This class covers everything: wax-working, venting, mold-making, kiln schedules, and divesting. Carol will work with students individually to analyze each object, determining how best to get a successful casting. You don’t have to know how to knit!  The focus of this class will be on learning how to make successful thin or hollow glass castings with cut-outs or filigree openings in them.  Students will complete four cast pieces, and learn how to divest and finish their castings. Carol will also be giving students a lesson on casting hands! All levels are welcome- beginners should be prepared to be challenged.                                                                                                                                     

Wednesday- Sunday, April 18- 22, 2018





Realism to Abstraction: Breaking Down and Zooming In with Kari Minnick NEW CLASS!

Four-day workshop. Tuition $895.00; includes materials and use of tools. Previous glass fusing experience is beneficial, but not required; artists in other media are encouraged to enroll!

Deposit of $450.00 is collected to reserve your space in class. The balance of $445.00 will be due February 1, 2018

This accessible art class for kiln workers will be of interest to artists such as printmakers, painters, or anyone for whom visual expression in glass is desired. Starting with their own images, photos, clippings, etc., students will examine why certain imagery appeals to them, how to isolate the potency of the image, dissect, vary and ultimately move toward meaningful abstraction. Through drawings, paper cut outs and/or test pieces, students will plan a series of works and complete a project(s). Using Bullseye glass, frit, powder, and stringer, students will be introduced to processes that enable strong composition, rich surfaces and depth. Using multiple-firing processes, students will consider both sides of the glass as well as investigate surface texture.

Topics to be covered in class may include:

• Getting started: facing the blank “canvas”
• Realism, abstraction and points in between
• Composition and visual editing
• Theme and variation

While basic kiln practices will be touched upon, the focus of the class will be on the expressive use of the materials and creating glass art based on the students’ signature work. Prior glass experience is beneficial but not required. Artists of other media are encouraged to enroll.

Wednesday, April 25- Saturday, April 28, 9:30-5 each day


Kari Minnick owns and operates Kari Minnick Art Glass Studio, where she producesarchitectural commissions, fine art and introduces artists from other media to kiln-glass. Herglasswork has won several prestigious awards and is heldinternationally in private, corporateand embassy collections. Minnick began her career as a painter; earning a degree in studio artfrom the University of California at Davis. An exhibiting artist and dynamic educator, Karishows her work and teaches her signature classes internationally. You can read more about her on her website:





Reverse Glass Painting and Design with Cheryl Chapman

One 3½-day workshop. Tuition $765.00; includes materials and use of tools

We will collect a reserve fee of $100 to secure your spot.  The reserve will become part of a $385.00 deposit due January 15, 2018. The balance of $380.00 will be due March 1, 2018.

We’re excited to welcome glass painter Cheryl Chapman back to the Weisser Studio! Take your glass art in a new and exciting direction.  Enamel painting on glass is a fun way to use clear glass to create unique, stunning and surprisingly detailed images.  Opaque glass enamels have a bright luminosity and reflective quality all their own.  Unlock the secrets to mixing Fusemaster high fire opaque enamels with both oil and water mediums, working in reverse, the texturing style of grisaille and the stages of applying colored enamels, layering glass and firing to a finished piece.  Cheryl will work with you on your personal imagery working from a sketch or photograph developing your design and finished project d over three and a half days using Cheryl’s multi-stage techniques to create your piece of art.  The focus of this class is on the technical skills so you will be able to take your knowledge home to develop your glass painting style.  Each student will complete a tile or bowl approx. 9” in diameter as well as practice pieces.

Thursday- Sunday, June 7- 10


Cheryl Chapman is the owner-artist of Silly Dog Art Glass Studio and enjoys creating pieces of art that convey realism mixed with a splash of whimsy. Cheryl currently divides her time between painting, spending time with her animals and husband and traveling. The Chapmans recently relocated to La Pine in central Oregon and look forward to what will inspire more art in this beautiful community.

Read her complete bio and artist statement here

  Student samples created in the March 2017 workshop in Weisser Studio





Modeling Glass: Feathers and More with Lois Manno

Three-day workshop. Tuition $725.00

We will collect a reserve fee of $100 to secure your spot.  The reserve will become part of a $365.00 deposit due January 15, 2018. The balance of $360.00 will be due March 1, 2018.

Traditional techniques of working with frit and powdered glass to create three-dimensional objects tend to be labor-intensive, as in the extensive amount of mold-making and painstaking packing required of pâte-de-vérre. Over the past five years, Lois Manno has focused her creative energy toward developing a different way to work with powders, one that opens an entire new world of creativity.

Lois has developed a medium system that turns messy powder into a manageable material with the consistency of clay. The resulting Modeling Glass™ has a smooth, firm texture, stores almost indefinitely, and is not sticky. No freezing is required, nor are molds involved. The material can be thinned with water into a paste, or can be formed into a shape and dried before firing. This dry state is where much of the cleanup can be done, almost eliminating the need for coldworking.  Modeling Glass can hold a great deal of detail at lower temperatures, and can also be used to create interesting effects at higher fuse temperatures. It’s possible to do things quickly and easily that would normally take many hours of studio time.

Lois will teach her method of mixing Modeling Glass and students will learn step-by-step how to use the material to make their own realistic glass feathers. Her feathers have received a great deal of attention in the glass community, and this is the first year she will be sharing this new way of working with glass. Students will also be introduced to other ways of working with Modeling Glass as it has nearly limitless possibilities. After five years of experimentation, Lois has just scratched the surface of what this material is capable of!

Display methods will be discussed and demonstrated. Firing schedules will also be provided.





Lois Manno is a lifelong fine artist and award-winning writer, but fused glass has become her favorite medium. Her work is in several galleries across the country, and she is represented in many collections, including the Department of the Interior. She has been a guest blogger for Bullseye Glass and has devoted herself to perfecting Modeling Glass over the past several years. Lois is excited to share this new product with the glass community and can’t wait to see what creative doors it will open. View more of Lois’ work on her website at and on Facebook at Glass Bird Studios.








• Rewards points are not transferable.
• Rewards apply only to classes attended in 2016 and are based on tuition amount paid.
• One reward point was earned for every $10 spent on 2016 class tuition.
• Tuition costs for private lessons and custom instruction programs did not accrue rewards points
• Reward totals were sent to your provided email address January 5, 2017

• A maximum of 100 points ($100.00) are redeemable per class lasting 1½ days or more (totaling 9 class hours or more)
• A maximum of 50 points ($50.00) are redeemable per single class totaling a minimum of 3 class hours.
• A maximum of 25 points ($25.00) are redeemable per single class totaling less than 3 class hours.
• Students must attend class in 2017 to use applicable points
• Rewards points are not applicable towards private instruction or custom instruction



More to come............ check back soon.



For classes taught by Weisser staff:
There will be a 10% processing fee for all refunded or transferred tuitions; minimum fee will be $35.00.

  • Tuition must be paid in advance to reserve space in a class or workshop.
  • Tuition will not be refunded for cancellations made within two (2) weeks of the first class date unless a replacement is seated.

For classes taught by guest instructors:
There will be a $100.00 processing fee for all refunded or transferred guest instructor tuitions.

  • Tuition must be paid in full by the balance due date or seat will be forfeited.
  • Tuition will not be refunded for cancellations made after the balance due date unless a replacement is seated.





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