Weisser Glass offers a terrific schedule of classes for beginner through professional levels. Courses are offered in stained glass, fusing and kiln forming, beadmaking, glass jewelry, paperweights, glass casting & mosaic. Our goal is to offer the highest quality of instruction in a friendly and helpful environment! New class schedules are posted about every two months.


All classes require pre-registration and payment to reserve your space.
You may register by phone at 301-571-8966



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FALL & WINTER 2018-2019


Copper Foil Stained Glass for Beginners

Seven 2-hour classes. Tuition $245.00; tools and supplies extra.

Learn to build a stained-glass window using the copper foil method. Everything you need to know including patterns, types of glass, glass cutting, tools, soldering and finishing are taught. Students complete a small stained-glass window approximately 11” x 14. Requires homework.

Thursday evenings, 7-9, Oct 25, Nov 1, 8, 15, 29, Dec 6, 13





Stained Glass- Beyond Beginner

Seven 2-hour classes. Tuition $245.00; tools and supplies extra. Previous stained-glass experience required.

This class has an open curriculum allowing students to continue their exploration into stained glass under the supervision and guidance of an experienced instructor. Students might select a new project like a lamp, box, panel, or bring a project in progress. This class is a great way to learn new techniques, get a refresher, have your questions answered, or get help with more advanced projects. We can provide the instruction and extra motivation you need to get that project done!

Thursday evenings, 7-9, Oct 25, Nov 1, 8, 15, 29, Dec 6, 13





"Consummatum Est" (detail),stained glass piece by Sharon Moffitt, includes hand painting












Features screenprinting and hand painting techinques

Painting on Glass: Traditional Methods, New Applications

2-day workshop. Tuition $395.00; includes all materials and use of tools during class.

In this painting on glass class we give you all the fundamentals of working with glass enamels to enhance and add imagery to glass. Based in traditional painting methods we will show you how these techniques are being used in a modern way in current glass trends of imagery enhanced artworks. We will also cover simple screen printing methods for ways to create lettering and graphic detailed design. Whether you work in stained glass or are a fuser you will gain a wealth of knowledge about painting methods, various enamels, painting mediums and firing paint.

Saturday, November 3 & Sunday, November 4, 9:30-4 each day

Detail of hand painted panel by Anne Clark, using traditional stained glass paints and enamels





Glass Combing

2-day workshop. Tuition $395.00; includes supplies, glass and use of tools during class.

Experience the fun of moving glass while hot to create amazing combed patterns!  Learn ways to set up glass, how to plan controlled designs, how and when to rake the glass for beautiful chevron patterns, and more! There will also be an experimental element to this class as students are encouraged to get creative with combing.  Each student will have the opportunity to create three personal combed pieces of glass. There will be demonstration and discussion of how to use and incorporate combed glass into fused glass projects.  Firings, strip cutting, damming, coldworking, and finishing options are covered in class. Students will have the chance to coldwork one piece as desired, time permitting.

Saturday and Sunday, November 10-11, 9-2:30 each day





Contemporary Pâte-de-Vérre Forms
with Alicia Lomné

5-day workshop. Tuition $1,150.00

A deposit of $570.00 is required to secure your spot. Tuition balance of $580.00 is due September 1.
Suitable for all levels of experience; returning students are encouraged to sign up!

We’re thrilled to have Alicia Lomné return to teach her unique approach to the ancient art of pâte-de-vérre. Alicia employs her own signature style to create stunning, delicately detailed vessel forms. In this class students learn how to create molds from models they hand build in class. Then Alicia teaches her methods of hand-packing layers of colored glass frit and powder into the mold making a tremendous range of color and design options possible.

This class will provide a solid base of technical information, and students will explore a variety of casting processes used by Alicia in creating her vessel forms. This will include model making, mold construction, color mixing, and color placement. She will also cover the use of inclusions in the mold; returning students will be encouraged to further explore these types of structures in their pieces. Discussions will cover firing schedules and the use of temperature to attain specific effects.

Students new to this technique will receive all the information they need to work on their own after the class, and returning students may continue their study by working with more involved designs. By the end of this class, you will feel confident in making a mold, packing it with glass, and then programming and firing on your own.

Tuesday- Saturday, November 13-17


Alicia Lomné, has dedicated the past ten years to exploring techniques in pâte de verre. She shows her extraordinary work in galleries across the U.S. and has taught pâte-de-verre workshops across the country and the globe including Anla Glass (Denmark), Creative Glass (Switzerland), Pilchuck Glass School, Penland School of Crafts, the Corning Museum Studio and Bullseye Glass Co. Lomné lives and works on Whidbey Island in Washington State.  You may see more of her work at





Blown Ornaments

2-hour workshop. Tuition $99.00; includes materials and use of tools. No experience necessary! Appropriate for ages 16 and up.

Learn to make blown glass ornaments with a Hot Head torch.  Create unique holiday gifts or pretty little garden charms. Starting with Glaskolben pre-made glass tubes you’ll learn the tips and tricks for blowing these ornaments over a simple torch and how to embellish them with color. Each student will have the opportunity to make up to six blown Glaskolben ornaments! (additional may be made, time permitting, for an extra fee)


Saturday, December 1, 9:30-11:30
Saturday, December 1 , 2-4






Creative Concepts in Kiln Forming
with Morgan Madison

4-day workshop. Tuition $895.00; includes materials and use of tools

In this class, Morgan Madison will cover techniques use to achieve the distinct linear quality and crisp character of his glass work- students will explore pattern and design by learning Morgan’s unique kiln forming techniques. Through group exercises and one-on-one attention, students will explore aspects of the artistic process, from developing ideas in the sketchbook, to executing them in glass, to preparing work for firing in the kiln. Three different projects will challenge students to relax creative inhibitions while thinking critically about concept and its relationship to technique. The aim of this class is to give students the tools to pursue their own unique visions efficiently and confidently, and to have fun doing so; technical instruction will supply a foundation for advancing concepts for more refined work.

Wednesday, December 5- Saturday, December 8, 9:30-4:30 each day




Morgan Madison has been a full-time artist since 2007. His work, which uses glass and a variety of other media, is informed by his love of drawing and inspired by place and the colors, textures, design, and landscape that define an experience. Madison has been awarded several artist residencies, including one at the Museum of Arts and Design, New York, and has taught at UrbanGlass in New York. You can read more about Morgan and his work at

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Blown Ornaments

2-hour workshop. Tuition $99.00; includes materials and use of tools. No experience necessary! Appropriate for ages 16 and up.

Learn to make blown glass ornaments with a Hot Head torch.  Create unique holiday gifts or pretty little garden charms. Starting with Glaskolben pre-made glass tubes you’ll learn the tips and tricks for blowing these ornaments over a simple torch and how to embellish them with color. Each student will have the opportunity to make up to six blown Glaskolben ornaments! (additional may be made, time permitting, for an extra fee)

Saturday, December 15, 9:30-11:30





Project Plate Making: Reactive Whites

1½-hour workshop. Tuition $99.00; includes all materials, firings and use of tools during class.

In this class you learn about the special design effects that can be achieved when working with reactive glass.  You will see samples and gain knowledge about the reactive qualities of French Vanilla and Dense White and be able to design with sheet glass and accessory glasses like frits, stringers and more. What a great way to spend an afternoon in the studio! Each student will design and create an 8" x 8" fused and slumped dish.  Students of all levels are welcome.

Saturday, December 15, 2-3:30





Holiday Create ‘n’ Bake

For creatives of all ages (under 12 must be accompanied by parent).
Pre-registration and a $10.00 per person deposit are required to hold your space.

Create beautiful holiday gifts and decorations at our popular Create ‘n’ Bake workshop! Choose from multiple fusing projects; prices start at just $10.00.  We provide you with everything you need to create!  An ideal way to spend time with friends and family or just a great way to enjoy some quality hassle-free time in the studio being creative. Build as many as you like* and stay for the amount of time you need to finish your masterpiece. Please contact shop for project pricing details. Projects will require pickup on a later date.  Pre-registration and a $10.00 per person deposit are required to hold your space in class. *Fees based on projects, see store for additional details.

Sunday, December 16, Morning Session:
Starts at 10:00 AM, attendees may stay up to 1½ hours (up until 11:30 AM)
NOTE: You do not need to stay the entire time if you don’t want to!


Sunday, December 16, Afternoon Session:
Starts at 12:30 PM, attendees may stay up to 1½ hours (up until 2:00 PM)
NOTE: You do not need to stay the entire time if you don’t want to!





UPDATED 10/28/18



Three 2-hour classes. Tuition $195.00; includes materials and use of tools

Learn all about the exciting art of fused glass in this comprehensive workshop, in a Thursday night three-class session! A good foundation of basic fusing knowledge is essential to creating more complex and detailed projects, and we cover all the fundamentals. Students will be introduced to central concepts like compatibility, cutting, and firing by viewing samples and creating a series of experimental tiles. Students will also create a finished 8”x8” plate or bowl of their own design. After taking this workshop you will have the essential knowledge to move on to intermediate and advanced fusing classes and to work on your own!

Thursday evenings, 7-9, January 10, 17, 24





Mastering the Art of Cutting Glass- Pattern Cuts

2-hour workshop. Tuition $79.00. Appropriate for all levels, beginner to advanced.

The key to success in any of the glass art forms is good cutting; people are often intimidated by detailed glass cutting challenges, but it’s all a matter of the proper techniques and tools. We’ll teach you to do it well! This comprehensive cutting lesson will cover both simple and more difficult shapes. Learn to cut with ease and confidence; guaranteed to improve your cutting no matter your skill level. An excellent starter class for students with no cutting experience, and a valuable refresher for the more experienced glass artist. Bring any challenges you may have!

Saturday, January 12, 10-12





Fire Up: Creating and Understanding Firing Schedules

2-hour presentation. Cost $65.00

Compiling 35 years of experience in glass making, Nancy Weisser has designed this lecture to deliver the information you need to understand firing and create your own firing schedules with confidence for various glass fusing, slumping, and kiln-forming projects. Whether you’re new to fusing or an experienced kiln former, you will gain knowledge that you can apply to your own glass practice. Learn about firing theory as it applies to various phases of the firing cycle including annealing and how to use this information to write your own schedules. Free yourself to explore new ideas, analyze and resolve kiln mishaps, and stop always relying on someone else’s firing schedule. Students will go home with a packet of firing schedules for their reference, annealing information, and the confidence to plan projects and fire on your own!

Saturday, January 12, 2-4





Glass Beadmaking

1-day class. Tuition $195.00; includes materials and use of tools

What could be more fun than learning to melt glass over a torch? In this workshop you will learn to make glass beads using a canister torch. You will become comfortable melting glass rods in a flame and creating gorgeous glass beads. After learning how to make basic beads you will have ample time to create a variety of decorated beads. Equipment, safety, forming and shaping the bead, and various decorating techniques are taught. You will make a handful of unique glass beads and gain enough knowledge to begin making beads on your own. Getting better is simply a matter of practice once you understand the basics. Weisser Glass also sells a bead kit with everything you need to start making beads at home right away, or consider renting bench time if you prefer using our studio to work.  All the details are provided at class!

Sunday, January 13, 9:30- 4





Fused Dichroic Glass Jewelry

1½ day workshop. Tuition $295.00; includes all supplies and use of tools.

Fused glass jewelry is as popular as ever; learn all about working with dichroic glass to create stunning wearable art. Dichroic puts the pizazz in fused glass, and the results are spectacular! Students explore various techniques to create pendants, earrings and more. We’ll show you how to fuse and finish for a professional look; this class is great for the beginner, or the fuser that wants to refine the look of their glass jewelry.

Saturday, January 19, 10-4, & Sunday, January 20, 10-1





Creating Hot-Worked Cane and Murrine with Gayla Lee

2-day workshop. Tuition $495.00; includes supplies and use of tools during class. No previous experience required!

Learn to make glass murrine (pattern) bars and stretch them out with glassblowing techniques modified for the kiln forming studio. Students will learn several set-ups for both cane and murrine and try different methods of stretching, twisting, folding, and pulling the glass to create a variety of effects and patterns. All parts will be made with Bullseye 90 COE glass and can be used in fused glass projects.  Class will focus on making the glass murrine, not producing finished work.

Saturday, January 26 & Sunday, January 27, 10-4 each day






Perception of Pattern: Deciphering the Complex Pattern Bar
with Martie Negri

5-day workshop. Tuition $995.00 plus a $175.00 material fee due at class

A deposit of $495.00 is required to reserve a spot; tuition balance of $500.00 due January 20, 2019. Material fee of $175.00 will be due first day of class.

Since ancient times, pattern has been a fundamental element in art making. Artist/educator Martie Negri’s work evokes the human reaction to pattern in art, whether conscious or subconscious. For the first time, Martie Negri will be teaching her complex and detailed pattern bar techniques here in the Weisser Studio!

In this class, students will explore methods of creating complex pattern elements which can then be combined- in an infinite array of possibilities- to create their own unique pattern bars. Much like a Rorschach ink blot test, Martie will have students work with a restricted palette to aid in achieving contrasting forms; shades of black, white, and grey. This will in turn allow students to better understand the intricacies and subtleties of design that can be achieved with this method.

Martie will be bringing already constructed complex pattern bars to class with her, which the students will then analyze, cut apart and fuse into finished tiles to assist in learning the entire process. Students will learn coldworking and assembly methods which will provide a strong foundation for creating with pattern bars.

Each student will go home with a tile piece created from the pattern bars Marti brings to class and will also learn all the steps to creating their own complex pattern bar.  Students will construct a series of pieces in class and have an opportunity to assemble their own complex pattern bar to be fired at the studio, or to take home and fire.

Wednesday, March 20- Sunday, March 24, 2019


Martie Negri was a painter and fiber artist before transitioning to glass in 2001. Over the past 15 years she has been developing a contemporary form of millefiori that incorporates new technology with an ancient Italian technique that dates back to the 5th Century. She works out of her studio in Mamaroneck, NY and at UrbanGlass in Brooklyn, NY.

Her work has been in Bullseye Glass biennial exhibit Emerge 2006; was exhibited at SOFA New York and Chicago 2008 and again at SOFA Chicago 2009, SOFA New York 2010, SOFA Chicago 2011.

You can see more of her work at





Modeling Glass: Feathers and More with Lois Manno

Three-day workshop. Tuition $725.00

We will collect a reserve fee of $100 to secure your spot.  The reserve will become part of a $365.00 deposit due December 1, 2018. The balance of $360.00 will be due February 1, 2019.

We’re pleased to welcome Lois Manno back to the Weisser Studio to teach her revolutionary glass sculpting process. Traditional techniques of working with frit and powdered glass to create three-dimensional objects tend to be labor-intensive, as in the extensive amount of mold-making and painstaking packing required of pâte-de-vérre. Over the past five years, Lois Manno has focused her creative energy toward developing a different way to work with powders, one that opens an entire new world of creativity.

Lois has developed a medium system that turns messy powder into a manageable material with the consistency of clay. The resulting Modeling Glass™ has a smooth, firm texture, stores almost indefinitely, and is not sticky. No freezing is required, nor are molds involved. The material can be thinned with water into a paste, or can be formed into a shape and dried before firing. This dry state is where much of the cleanup can be done, almost eliminating the need for coldworking.  Modeling Glass can hold a great deal of detail at lower temperatures, and can also be used to create interesting effects at higher fuse temperatures. It’s possible to do things quickly and easily that would normally take many hours of studio time.

Lois will teach her method of mixing Modeling Glass and students will learn step-by-step how to use the material to make their own realistic glass feathers. Her feathers have received a great deal of attention in the glass community, and this is the first year she will be sharing this new way of working with glass. Students will also be introduced to other ways of working with Modeling Glass as it has nearly limitless possibilities. After five years of experimentation, Lois has just scratched the surface of what this material is capable of!

Display methods will be discussed and demonstrated. Firing schedules will also be provided.

Friday, May 3- Sunday, May 5, 2019
Friday- Saturday, 9:30-5 each day, Sunday, 9:30-3


Lois Manno is a lifelong fine artist and award-winning writer, but fused glass has become her favorite medium. Her work is in several galleries across the country, and she is represented in many collections, including the Department of the Interior. She has been a guest blogger for Bullseye Glass and has devoted herself to perfecting Modeling Glass over the past several years. Lois is excited to share this new product with the glass community and can’t wait to see what creative doors it will open. View more of Lois’ work on her website at and on Facebook at Glass Bird Studios.






Narrative Stained Glass with Joseph Cavalieri

4-day workshop. Tuition $895.00 plus a $75.00 material fee due at class. All supplies and use of tools during class provided.

Previous knowledge of stained-glass technique is recommended. Prior drawing or painting experience is NOT necessary!

A $445.00 deposit is required to reserve your spot; tuition balance of $450.00 is due March 15, 2019. The $75.00 material fee will be due the first day of class.

An innovator in the stained-glass world, Joseph Cavalieri’s work strives to take the art of stained glass out of the cathedral and bring it into everyday life. Joseph is a master of blending traditional stained-glass process with dynamic and imaginative imagery based in pop culture themes. This class is ideal for the artist who knows the basics of stained glass and wants to take it to a whole new level.

In class students will explore Aesop’s Fables as subject, selecting a story to base their work on. Then, with Joseph’s guidance they will create a glass panel approximately 12”x12” using the copper foil technique. Students will learn different processes to create imagery on the glass using kiln-fired paints, including painting, airbrushing, pen-and-ink style drawing, and sandblasting. Once the imagery is complete and fired, students will assemble the panels using the copper foil method of construction to create a finished piece.

In addition to the class curriculum, Joseph will be offering advice on marketing for artists and seeking out and applying for artist residencies.

Wednesday- Saturday, May 15-18, 2019



Joseph Cavalieri’s glass art is at the intersection of mystical and post-cultural. His beautifully stained and painted pieces are at once an homage to traditionally religious stained-glass art and a cheeky discussionabout the pop culture we know and love.

He is based in New York City, and has completed commissions, residencies, and staged exhibits all over the world.

You can see more about him and his work at




More to come... check back soon... !



For general classes and workshops:

There will be a 10% processing fee for all refunded or transferred tuitions; minimum fee will be $35.00.

  • Tuition must be paid in advance to reserve space in a class or workshop.
  • Tuition will not be refunded for cancellations made within two (2) weeks of the first class date unless a replacement is seated (processing fee applies).


For Master Classes* and classes taught by guest instructors**:

There will be a $100.00 processing fee for all refunded or transferred tuitions for guest instructor and master classes taught at Weisser Studio.

  • Tuition must be paid in full by the balance due date or seat will be forfeited.
  • Tuition will not be refunded for cancellations or transfers made after the balance due date unless a replacement is seated. Processing Fee applies.


* Master classes are classes three or more full days in length.
** Guest instructor classes are classes taught by non- Weisser Glass staff.






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